Less Carbohydrate Dieting


Many women who did try to lose weight know that we can lose weight by cutting Carbohydrate.

Of course it’s not good idea to eat a lot of Carbohydrate, but it’s also not good idea to cut it completely. It has some desadvantages.

・Your brain has poor nutrition that take your concentration from you.

・Carbohydrate which is in Liver are decomposed that makes underfunctioning of the liver.

・Decompose body protein whick tends to accumulate fatigue.

・Collapse PH balance in your body and Blood is inclined to acidic. That bring on “Ketoacidotic Coma”.

A lot of Carbohydrate foods include some protein. Cutting Carbohydrate tends to lack enogh amount of protein. Protein is one of most important nutrition and if your body doesn’t have enogh protein you can not maintain your muscle. That doesn’t make your body beautiful but a gaunt appearance.

Have the right knowledge and make your body beautiful.