Lack of sleep causes of gain weight


Even though you work our hard or diet, do you struggle with losing weight? There are some reason.

Don’t you stay up late? Night owl affect your body the reason which you can not lose weight.

1. Increase blood glucose level
High bllod glucose level might cause fat to accumulate. Especially on your lower stomach. If you don’t have enoght sleep, your blood glucose level will be high in the next mornign. That is similar to eating sweet food.

2. Decrease the growth hormone
The growth hormone recovers your fatigue and burns your fat. It is made at your sleeping time. That means you don’t have enoght time to burn your fat.

3. Increase appetite
Lack of sleep makes Ghrelin which is a hormone give you a sense of hunger. That causes overeating. What is worse, it will be your stress.

4. Decrease basal metabolism
Basically the basal metabolism become high in the mornign and low in the night. If your life rhythm is not in order, your body can not control basal metabolism. That causes the reason of adiposeness. Lack of sleep collapse of the balance of automatic nerve. That also decrease the basal metabolism.

The basal metabolism relates to body temperature which is important to dieting. Try to wake up early and not to drink caffeine before going to bed. Good sleep also makes your skin beautiful. Try to get great sleep!