Excellent food to reduce your stress


Eating healthy food makes strong immunity, better body line. Some food prevent your stress or anger. When you are tired or have a strees, you might want to eat sweet food. When you eat sweet food, do you feel better or good? That is because your brain is awaking. But as soon as the awaking is gone, you return to street again.

Do you eat precessed food? These have a lot of suger, salt and fat. They are easy to get and eat but they make stress hormone in your body.

There are great food that cut your stress.

1 Kale / Spinach, deep green leafy vegetables

The kale and spinach are included calcium. They change Aminoacie in your brain that makes stress to Melatonin moderate stress.

2 Brown Rice / Whole Grain

Brown Rice has Serotonin which reduce your blood glucose level. When you have stress, your blood glucose level is high. Also, cabbage and orion.

3 Yogurt

Stress make your internal organs weak. Yogurt make your intestine good condition. Cold drink and food stimulate your organs. Drink and eat warm drink and food as much as you can.

4 Fish / Avocado

Fish and avocado are included omega-3 which has serotonin which makes you relax. If there are enogh serotonin in your body you can sleep well. So if you can not sleep well, try to eat these food at your dinner time.

5 Almonds

Alomonds are included a lot of magnesium. Also, protein.

6 Honey

Honey has a lot of glucose which does not secrete stress hormone. When you are tired, try to eat “honey yogurt” or “hot lemon water wiht honey”.

Let’s remove stress and get better body together♡