Bad time to drink Black Tea


Do you black tea? When do you drink it? It makes our feel relax, isn’t it? Black tea is contained caffeine as much as coffee which is included alerting influence and diuretic effect.

Bad time to drink Black Tea
by Minami Keiko / Food coordinator in NR.

1. Before Sleep

Black tea, green tea, coffee.. have amino acid which has relaxing effect. But also have caffeine whici has alerting influence. If you need to take long to fall asleep or have trouble getting to sleep, caffeine might block your falling asleep.

It is not good idea to drink them before you sleep because of diuretic effect.

Green tea leaf have more caffeine than coffee bean. But when we drink them, coffee have more caffeine than tea by the thought of the amont of extracted volume.

2. During Diarrhea

Don’t drink black tea when your tummy hurts. Generally, caffeine stimulates bowels. Then drink hot water or barley tea.

3. Anemic Person / With Vegetables

The iron is divided into two kinds, Heme iron whici is inclueded mainly fish or meat, non-here iron which is inclueded mainly vegetables. Heme iron is blocked to absorb nourishment by tannin.

4. When Hungry

Caffeine stimulates the secretion of gastric acid. When you are hungry, it may storm the stomach wall. When you are hungry, try to drink water or eat food first. Drink black tea after meal. Try to drink milk tea or light black tea for eye opener.

It is different with each person by metabolism, sleepin.. Try to check yours!